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Summer, 2011
The Hypothetical Development Organization is featured on this episode of ABC Radio National's FutureTense (Australia): "Fictitious futures, virtual development and visual language."

Other recent notices, in response to the HDO: New Orleans wrap-up essay in Places, Andrew Sullivan, BoingBoing, and Aesthetics of Joy.

And, if you can read Spanish, 20 Minutos weighs in on La Organización del Desarrollo Hipotéticoa, aquí.

The Hypothetical Development Organization presented an exhibition of its 12 initial hypothetical developments in New Orleans from April 7-May7, 2011. Here is a video walk through of the exhibitionr.

Two images from the exhibition below - click on either to go to the full set on HDO's Facebook page.

These versions of the signs are available for PURCHASE at both full size (60" x 36") in an edition of 1+1AP and at a reduced 22"x17" in an edition of 10 each. Inquire at organization@hypotheticaldevelopment.com.

Here's a roundup of esteemed sources that have taken note of our project. We will update this entry as appropriate

Spring, 2011

"A fascinating and provocative group."

The Gambit
"Unlike most ordinary buildings, hypothetical developments arise from the inner landscape of poets and dreamers who meander aimlessly on foot or bicycle, or gaze sagely through the windows of streetcars at structures only they can see."

"Whimsical, to be sure; but that's both its strategy and its point."

Design Observer
The projects seem to pose the question: If we can dream this big on paper, then what else could happen?

"A full-fledged conversation around urban storytelling, the heights of public imagination and reclaiming unused space."

If an ad for a glossy high-rise is only a pipe dream ... why not have more interesting pipe dreams?

MORE: Nola Defender, Wooster Collective, Treehugger, Inhabitat, PSFK, D-Build, C-Monster, Pelican Bomb

February, 2011
From State of the Reunion: What do cardboard boxes and old vacant buildings have in common?

October 21, 2010
Archetizer "We think this is a brilliant way for architects to use those $100K rendering skills to actually do something with some impact on a community, besides warning people about the fresh hell their neighborhood is about to go through with the construction of that new 57-story tower."

October 15, 2010

More at Poketo, b.rox and Bookslut ("Well, this is indisputably cool"). Also, we're in the Prospect 1.5 llstings. Download the brochure here.

October 10, 2010
Latest coverage: Swiss Miss, Josh Spear, Aesthetics of Joy ("I love the way this idea ... takes those germs of imagined futures and makes them visible"), and Not A Real Thing.

October 1, 2010
The Architects Newspaper Blog mention and On The Ground Looking Up says "If you get involved in any hypothetical building projects this year, make it this one."
YatBazaar in New Orleans: "Check this one out, it's cool and local."

September 25, 2010
Core 77 , PSFK ("Fantastic new project.") Design Observer, Good Magazine, ("Perhaps this street art project could turn into authentic grassroots activism.") Huffington Post, Coudal.com, Bruce Sterling, ("This must be the closest thing to an architecture-fiction 'pure play' to have yet appeared") HiLobrow, Unbeige ("We love the idea and if you think it’s a good one too, the group has set up a Kickstarter fundraising campaign.")

September 21, 2010
We are on Kickstarter!
If you would like to learn more about this project, particularly by way of a pleasing video that offers a vivid example of what we are up to, check out our Kickstarter page. And while you are there, consider making a financial donation that will help us realize our goal. Thanks.

September 20, 2010

Perhaps you wonder what one of our signs will look like in Real Life.
Well, then you should support the project and come to New Orleans to witness its launch. But short of that, we can offer you this image, taken with a cell phone: It shows a test print of one of our Hypothetical Development renderings (by Dave Pinter). The man in the picture, though not a model by trade, is a friend of the project.