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The Hypothetical Development Organization was founded and is overseen by Rob Walker, Ellen Susan, and G.K. Darby. :

G.K. Darby
is the founder of Garrett County Press and co-founder of New Orleans Bookfair.
Ellen Susan is a photographer and designer, and the creator of Soldier Portraits www.ellensusan.com.
Rob Walker is the author of Letters from New Orleans and Buying In, and co-founder of SignificantObjects.com and the Unconsumption project. www.robwalker.net

John Becker (Snooze Towers) is an architect working in New York City constantly in pursuit of the border between architectural realities and illustrated fictional worlds.

Morris Brum (photography), a New Orleans native, is a photographer and city explorer. He also works for an agency that finds jobs for people with disabilities. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mamish

Candy Chang (Mobile Cornucopia) is a designer, urban planner, and artist who lives in New Orleans and likes to make cities more comfortable for people. She’s the co-founder of Civic Center, an urban design studio where she combines architecture, graphic design, and urban planning to make thoughtful public spaces and communication tools for everyday issues of city life.

Mark Clayton (Loitering Centre) has spent the last 20 years working on a wide range of professional architectural projects across the United States. In addition to conceptual design, currently, he is involved in building sustainably designed housing and schools in the Greater New Orleans area.

Carey Clouse (Grow House) is an architect and educator working to resurrect the city of New Orleans. www.crookedworks.com

Michael Doyle (Theater of Escape) is a multidisciplinary designer and cultural critic based in Detroit. He writes for webzines and blogs, designs record covers, co-founded the hackerspace OmniCorpDetroit and designs exhibits, events and technology art at o2 Creative Solutions- when not playing electronic music or curating events with his partner Bethany Shorb.

Mauricio Espinosa (Karmalot) is an American architect responsible for the transdisciplinary design collaborative “Burgeoning” in New York City. His research in architecture is uniquely informed by the exploration of virtuality and advanced technology within the built environment.

Charles Franklin (photography) is a photographer and filmmaker living in New Orleans.

Christina Hilliard and Lauren Stewart (Tin Can Telephone Co.) are two crafty, young designers in Richmond, VA. They share a love for traveling, coffee drinking and people watching. They believe the simultaneous combination of these three activities results in a better understanding of the world and design.

Kirsten Hively (Velvet Rope Artisanal Workshop; Treme Authenticity Monument) when not busy with architecture, enjoys many extra-curricular activities, including exploring, designing, writing, researching, and ice cream making. She lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and makes her virtual home base at equalsarchitecture.com.

Nicole Lavelle (Tin Can Telephone Co.: concept) is a creative person living and working in Portland, Oregon. She is interested in people and places and how the two converge to create meaning and community. www.makingstuffanddoingthings.com.

Sergio Humberto Padilla (Radtke Reading Room) is an architectural designer / project manager at studio WTA and the local organizer of PechaKucha Night.

Dave Pinter (Museum of the Self) is a New York City based concept designer with a background in retail experience design. He has design experience with projects ranging from flagship stores to dynamic merchandise display and presentation. Pinter serves as a Senior Editor for PSFK.

The School of Visual Arts Masters of Professional Studies in Branding, Class of 2011 (Karmalot: concept) includes students from a variety of disciplines completing a one-year graduate program combining design, strategy, creative skills, and business.

Meg Turner (Rubble Depot) is an artist and printer and explorer in New Orleans.

Additional contributing site-finders, advisers, confederates, and goodwillers include, anthonyturducken, Chris Owen, Jennifer Shaw, and counting. Plus all of our excellent Kickstarter backers! More to come...

The debut collection of the Hypothetical Development Organization depended on the generosity of 80 supporters who backed our Kickstarter campaign. Some preferred to remain anonymous, but we are happy to offer public thanks to the following for donating $20 or more to our project.
Adam Leibsohn
Alex Wipperfurth
Amy Farrington
Ann Darby
Barbara Bogaev
Brian Murphy
Candy Chang
Dave Pinter
Debbie Millman
Diana Kimball
Erin McKean
Gladys Santiago
Harold Check
J. Dade Darby
Jeff Shyman
Jennifer Howze
Jim Hanas
Jordan Blanton
Josh Glenn
Josh Kahn
Justin Ha
Justin Kirkwood
Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer
Lee Sachs
Liz Danzico
Marc Weidenbaum
Mark Anderson
Mark Obbie
Melanie Innis
Molly Block
Paola Antonelli
Paul Lukas
Piers Fawkes
Ranti Junus
Sam Ewen
Scott Medintz
Stuart Candy
Victor Li

VOLUNTEERS: Matthew Olson, the staff at Beckham's, Abram Shalom Himelstein, Erin Genrich, Jordan Blanton, Damien Weaver, Jeff Shyman.