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The Hypothetical Development Organization, founded in 2010, is dedicated to the recognition and extension of a new form of urban storytelling.

Members of this organization begin the narrative process by examining city neighborhoods and commercial districts for compelling structures that appear to have fallen into disuse —“hidden gems” of the built environment. In varying states of repair, these buildings suggest only stories about the past, not the future.
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As a public service, H.D.O. invents a hypothetical future for each selected structure. Unlike a traditional, reality-based developer, however, our organization is not bound by rules relating to commercial potential, practical materials, or physics. In our view, plausibility is a creative dead end. That is to say: We are not trying to fool anybody.

H.D.O. creates convincing renderings of these imagined future uses. These renderings are, in the tradition of the form, printed onto large signs, and shared with the public in general. Each structure selected by H.D.O. will, for a time, present to the world the fascinating potential future we have invented.

Also, we’ll show the works in a gallery, for the benefit of interested parties with busy schedules.

The Hypothetical Development Organization will unveil its debut collection in December 2010, in New Orleans, LA.

Members of the Hypothetical Development Organization come from a variety of fields, such as photography, architecture, journalism, publishing, and design. However, this project is a labor of love. It is a new form of fiction. But also, it’s real.